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  • Whole Goose 4-5KG

    Whole Goose 4-5KG

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    Weight 4-5KG Approx

    A goose is a sensational centrepiece for a roast dinner. While often compared to duck, goose has a darkly delicious meat with real depth of flavour, and its fat makes the finest roast potatoes. Because it's such a rich meat, people tend to be satisfied with smaller portions as compared to turkey or chicken.

    Free Range Goose

    - Naturally raised to high welfare standards

    - Absolutely no added water

    - Juicy & full of flavour


    Cooking Instructions


    Place the goose in a large, deep meat tine ideally with a trivet or rack, foil, salt and pepper and stuffing of your choice. Allow 15 minutes per 450g / 1lb plus 20 minutes. Oven 200 C / 400 F (Fan oven 180 C / 350 F) / Gas Mark 6 / Aga top right hand oven. Do not overcook. Approximate times 3 hours for 4.5Kg (10lb) – 3.5 hours for 5.4Kg (12lb).