Premium Pie Collection

Premium Pie Collection

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This selection of our finest pies will give you four delightful, hearty and comforting meals. Cased in glorious crumbly pastry, they're packed with delicious meaty fillings and delectable sauces. In the pack you'll get:

Pack Includes;

1x Steak Pheasant & ale pie - tender pheasant and beef in a rich gravy.

1x Pheasant, chicken & Mushroom pie - generous, tender chunks of pheasant and chicken with mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce.

1x Venison, red wine & cranberry pie - our finest venison in a delicious sauce enriched with red wine and cranberry.

1x Pheasant, Leek and Portobello Mushroom pie - tender pheasant teamed with leeks and mushrooms in a traditional, rich and rounded sauce.

Cooking instructions

See individual products for details.


All Ingredients for each product can be found if you refer to the individual product page and scroll to the bottom of each page to see a full list of ingredients.

Additional Warnings

Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some small pieces may remain.

May contain shot

Storage instructions

Keep frozen at or below -18oC. Defrost 24hrs before required use in a refrigerator. Once defrosted keep refrigerated at or below 5C and use within 4 days and eat cold. Do not refreeze.