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  • Mallard Breast x4

    Mallard Breast x4

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    Wild mallard is a beautiful meat that's leaner than farmed duck and has real depth of flavour reflecting the rich and varied diet mallards enjoy in the wild. Best cooked rare or medium rare, mallard is a succulent, deep pink meat that works well served very simply or combined with strong flavours such as orange or spices. Perfect for a special dinner for four. 75g-85g per breast

    Cooking instructions

    Take the breasts out of the fridge half an hour before cooking. Get a sharp knife and score the skin of the breasts in crisscross lines – but don’t cut through to the meat underneath. Rub with salt. Place the breasts skin side down in a cold frying pan and heat until sizzling, then turn the heat to low. Fat may start coming out of the breasts now. If it doesn’t, add a knob of butter to the pan. Cook the breasts for about 4 minutes each side. If you have a meat thermometer, they are ready when the internal temperature reaches 130F. Remove the breasts from the pan and set aside to rest for 5 minutes before serving.


    100% mallard 75g-85g per breast


    Energy Kcal - 202, Energy KJ - 845,  Fat (g) - 10.8, Saturates 2.9, Protein (g) 24.5

    Additional Warnings

    Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some small pieces may remain.

    May contain shot

    Storage instructions

    Storage - Keep frozen at or below -18C. Defrost 24hrs before required use in a refrigerator. Once defrosted keep refrigerated at or below 4C and use within 10 days. Do not refreeze.