About Us

Back in 2017 our founders Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon, both wild game enthusiasts, decided to do something about the under-consumption of game in the UK.
While our countryside yields an abundant supply of beautiful game meat, the traditions of cooking with it had largely been lost. Steven and Michael saw an opportunity to ignite a new passion for game while helping to cut reliance on imported and intensively farmed meat.
They also wanted to encourage guardianship of our countryside and promote a healthier way of eating. Wild and Game began with a selection of hearty favourites including pies, pasties and sausages, as well as ready-to-cook meats and restaurant-quality ready meals designed to woo customers who felt timid about cooking with game themselves. The concept worked, with many people being inspired to try game for the first time and going on to become regular customers.
As our customer base grows, so does our offering: responding to demand, we have added the finest British cheeses, delectable game charcuterie, award winning cold game pies, chutneys, and more.
Our commitment to helping you enjoy game at its best means we’re continually adding wonderful game recipes to our website. These range from traditional favourites to imaginative dishes with international flavours. If you want to come along for the ride, try our monthly recipe boxes which will add new recipes to your repertoire every month.
Our adventure with wild game continues, and we hope you’ll join us in embracing this lean, healthy, sustainable and delicious source of meat from our fields and forests.