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  • Crispy Pheasant Bao

    Crispy pheasant bao, a great dish to try pheasant with!

    Serves 4


    4 x Bao buns (can be found in most Asian supermarkets in the freezer)
    1 x Wild and Game Pheasant breasts
    50g x Siracha
    100g x Mayonnaise
    1 handful x Coriander, just torn
    ½ x Chili, sliced
    1 large x Spring onion, sliced
    150ml x Buttermilk or yogurt

    Spice blend

    150g x Plain Flour
    3tsp x Table salt
    1 tsp x Dried thyme
    1 tsp x Dried basil
    3 tsp x Paprika
    1 tsp x Dried Oregano
    2 tsp x Celery salt
    2 tsp x Garlic salt
    1 tsp x Mustard Powder
    3 tsp x White pepper
    1 tsp x Black pepper
    3 tsp x Secret ingredient
    1 tsp x ground ginger


    Crispy Pheasant

    Cut pheasant in strips and marinade in buttermilk.
    Mix all dry ingredients to make spice blend.

    Siracha Mayonnaise

    Mix mayonnaise with siracha, set aside.

    Bao Buns

    1. Place buns in a steamer and cook for 6 minutes or follow the cooking instructions.
    2. Start the crispy pheasants once the buns are nearly ready.
    3. Take the pheasant from the marinade, leaving a good amount of buttermilk on the meat and then place into the spice mix. Then deep fry at 180c for around 4 minutes.
    4. Place the warm bun on a plate and spread on a nice amount of the siracha mayonnaise, topped with the crispy pheasant, then add the sliced chili and spring onion and finally the add the coriander as if it was lettuce.