The Rise Of Game Meat – Featuring Fieldsports News

It was great to be featured in this weeks episode of Fieldsports News. Take a look for yourself and see just how popular the game meat industry is becoming.

Although, still, only 1 in 6 people are buying game meat. It’s our mission to bring the great taste of the Great British countryside to the wider audiences in the UK.

FieldSports recently carried out a taste test in the streets of Salisbury to see how the public felt about some of our game products. And much to their surprise, they loved it!

It’s great to see people out there enjoying our products and we will continue to promote game meat to the British public and its benefits. And just in case you didn’t know, game meat has many benefits not just it’s great taste.

Game is low in fat, low in cholesterol and filled with protein making it a healthier alternative from your traditional meats. And, with Wild & Game, you can enjoy game throughout the whole year and not just during the season.

If you want to enjoy the great taste and benefits of game browse our wide range of products today.

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