4 Ways To Enjoy A Wild And Game Pasty

How do you enjoy your Wild and Game pasties?

On its own 

No frills. No fuss. Just a pasty. Perfect for when you are on the go and looking for a quick snack. Our pasties are packed full of flavour and are crafted to be enjoyed on their own or as part of a larger meal. For maximum flavour we recommend our Spicy Chicken & Game pasties.

With sauce 

This subject has been up for discussion for many years, what is the perfect sauce to accompany a good pasty? It has torn families apart, it can even drive a wedge between the closest of friends. Is it ketchup? HP? Or maybe something a little bit more refined?

So, the answer to the burning question is…… all of the above! Our pasties work well with a variety of sauces, all depending on personal taste. Game meat goes well with a sweet sauce so why not try an orange and ginger sauce, or maybe even sherry and mustard.

With a glass of wine

Yes, That’s right a glass of wine with your pasty. Pheasant has a stronger flavour than your traditional meats such as beef or chicken, so why not pair with a full-bodied red wine. Red wines with crushed fruit aromas and delicate notes of spice work well. They do not overwhelm the palette and will allow for the delicious game flavour to power through.

Or maybe a beer 

Game meat is naturally rich in flavour, and perfect with a sweet sauce, this accentuates the lighter notes of the drink. Try a classic stout to really get the best pairing. Stout is known for it’s malty taste, coffee and creamy notes with a roasted scent. They have a unique texture which can make them feel thicker in the mouth.

Let us know how you like to enjoy your pasties!

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